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We believe education can change the trajectory of a child's life and show them what is possible outside of their present circumstances. 

The purpose of the Karen Dale Foundation Education & Literacy Program is to provide resources needed to help students expand their knowledge and advance their education.


We Provide Support For:

  • Children in grades K - 12, in both the US and the Caribbean.

  • Graduating High School Seniors in the US who are of Caribbean heritage, will be attending a 4-Year College or University, and will be pursuing a degree in the Health Care, Medical, or related fields.

  • College Students in the US who are from the Caribbean, plan on returning to their island home, and are pursuing degrees in the Health Care, Medical, or related fields.

Our Program Goals:

  • Provide Books

  • Provide School Supplies

  • Provide Technology and Other Equipment

  • Help to Establish and/or Improve Libraries in Schools

  • Support In-School Food Pantries

  • Provide Scholarships/Grants for Educational Purposes

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