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Join our #GivingTuesday Campaign

as we raise funds to support the

St. Ann's Bay Regional Hospital in St. Ann, Jamaica.


We are raising funds to help purchase a CT Scanner for the hospital.


The hospital does not have a CT Scanner and the impact of having one on-site is huge. Currently patients have to be transported to a private Imaging Center in the neighboring town of Ocho Rios to have scans done. The patients have to pay the Imaging Center out of pocket (or from other sources) BEFORE an appointment is scheduled for them. If the patient cannot afford to pay and they do not have access to other source of funds, they will not be able to get a CT Scan.  Most patients cannot afford to pay.


In addition, due to limited availability of ambulances, patients have to wait sometimes at least a day, before the hospital is able to get them to the Imaging Center.

With a CT Scanner on-site, all patients will be able to get CT Scans which is life-changing especially for those who cannot afford to pay, the wait time will be significantly reduced,  and the doctors will be better equipped to make quicker diagnoses and save more lives.

There is also a need for the following equipment:

  • ECG Machines

  • Vital Signs Monitors

  • Heavy Duty Blood Pressure Machines

  • Pulse Oximeters

  • Patient Monitors

  • Electrosurgical Units

In the short-term, our goal is to also assist with providing items from this list.

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